Professional Massage Services

As part of our integrative approach to healthcare we offer massage.  Our skilled therapist can provide anything from a relaxing Swedish massage to highly therapeutic rehabilitative muscle work.  Treat yourself, its worth it!

Studies have shown that massage therapy decreases the level of stress hormones, such as cortisol in the body and increases the production of serotonin, propecia online which is a chemical that helps stave off depression. In addition, massage therapy also increases the white blood cell count, which means a boost to our immune systems. This immune boost can help decrease chronic inflammation in the body, as well as help our bodies to combat autoimmune illnesses.

Massage patients who suffer from arthritis have reported less stiffness and reduced joint pain with consistent massage sessions. Massage increases blood flow to the buy clomid muscles, therefore increasing the supply of nutrients that nourish them. Consequently, massage helps reduce inflammation and increases the body’s production of natural painkillers. It is highly beneficial for those who suffer from muscles aches, fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

Along with a soothing, nurturing space, massage therapy can also help you unwind and relax. Let all your cares float away while you receive this amazing health-promoting therapy. Massage isn’t just a “luxury.” It’s a necessary tool for maintaining a healthy body and mind. You have nothing to lose but stress and tension.

DurationSessionsTotalPrice Per     DurationSessionsTotalPrice Per
1 hour 1 visit $89 $89 90 min. 1 visit $119 $119
1 hour 3 visits $237 $79 90 min. 3 visits $327 $109
1 hour 6 visits $414 $69 90 min. 6 visits $594 $99
1 hour 9 visits $531 $59 90 min. 9 visits $801 $89

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